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About black holes

This article refers to and is at the same time a supplement to the work The Cold Big Bang Model , hereafter called MBBR or the basic work, which was printed by the Tribuna Economică publishing house, in the year 2021, with ISBN 987-973-688-429 -0; work is also listed at: bigbangdigitalmodel.com

We propose to calculate the flow of dark matter – energy-mass – transported on the energy highways (see MBBR §Energy highways) that cross the event horizon of a black hole.


MBBR enriches the concepts of the physical space in which we live with some remarkable assumptions, these are the Axioms 7 and 8 of the basic paper. The last axiom states, in short, that space is never empty. This idea has important and unexpected consequences, likely to change some of our concepts of physics. For example, a black hole will endlessly absorb the matter around it becoming more and more massive without ever once vaporizing due to Hawking radiation. It is not only baryonic matter but, in particular, the dark matter that space, as defined in MBBR, can continuously manufacture it. Furthermore, if traditional cosmology marvels at the fact that supermassive black holes exist, although since the Big Bang, it seems that too little time has passed for these monsters of tens of billions of solar masses to form, we can now we propose to cosmology the hypothesis of the missing process by which supermassive black holes can form in the centers of galaxies.

To perform the calculations, I will use the following elements as they were defined in the CBBM: click here to see them.

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