If the universe is finite in space, then what is beyond it?

If the universe is finite in space, then what is beyond it?

This article refers to and is at the same time a supplement to the work The Cold Big Bang Model, hereafter called MBBR or the basic work, which was printed by the Tribuna Economică publishing house, in the year 2021, with ISBN 987-973-688-429 -0; work is also listed at: bigbangdigitalmodel.com

We aim to answer the question in the title based on the principles of MBBR.


The question makes sense in the geometrical paradigm of space, inherited from ancient Greek mathematicians including Pythagoras, Euclid and Archimedes as well as the Greek astronomers Eudoxus of Knidos and Callippus of Cizic who developed geometric models to explain the apparent motion of the planets. Also the notion of infinity validates the question in the title.

Generations after generations of disciples of these ideas made the notion of empty and infinite space settle in the collective consciousness. And how could it not be so long as this concept, empty and infinite space, was gradually populated with the wonderful developments of arithmetic continuum mathematics which basically underlie all of our technology.

However, there is the question: haven’t we lost on this path of the development of knowledge certain elements that we will never be able to discover again unless we go back to the zero moment and rethink everything differently?

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