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The elementary unit of mass, the ratio between dark matter and dark energy, thermal energy

This article refers to and is at the same time a supplement to the work The Cold Big Bang Model, hereafter called MBBR or the basic work, which was printed by the Tribuna Economică publishing house, in the year 2021, with ISBN 987-973-688-429 -0; work is also listed at bigbangdigitalmodel.com.

We propose to calculate:

  1. Elementary unit of mass;
  2. The relationship between dark matter and dark energy;
  3. The elementary unit of temperature.


In the basic work (MBBR) we showed that the highest speed in the Universe is 1 Psu/Ptu(v. (MBBR ) The first quantification). Extrapolating this result, we could say that the speed of light has a unit value in accordance with the concepts and units of measurement defined in (MBBR).

To perform the calculations, see here the conversion formulas between the Planck and SI coordinate systems as well as the constants used in all articles as defined in the MBBR.

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